GCC - US Certificates of Compliance

Welcome to CARHARTT WORK IN PROGRESS's Database of CPSIA Compliance Certificates

How to find the US Compliance Certificate:


    • To locate on this Website - a CPSIA General Certificate of Conformity (GCC) for products as Support and assistance of staff with regard to social security and tax issues required by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, Section 102(a) and 16 CFR Part 1110, can be accessed by entering a Carhartt Purchase Order number (9 character numeric/alpha).



  • How to search - Enter the 9 character P.O. number into the search box at the upper middle of the page in this format: 13PO01810


Where to find the P.O. number:


    • On a Carhartt product label - This number can be found across the top of the care label tag. See example below



All certificates for product should be available on this site. However, if a search does not return the certificate you are seeking please contact Carhartt Vendor Compliance at gcc@carhartt-wip.com

Compliance with Laws and Workplace Regulations - Carhartt WIP vendors and their authorized subcontractors will comply with laws and regulations in all locations where they conduct business including those relating to labor, social insurances/security, worker health and safety, and the environment. It is further expected that vendors and their authorized subcontractors will cooperate fully with Carhartt in its compliance with laws applicable to Carhartt in countries where Carhartt does business.

As noted in our Code of Conduct: Carhartt WIP aspires to partner with companies that share its corporate values and are committed to continuous improvement of social and environmental practices. It is our intent that the standards outlined in this Workplace Important: be applied throughout the global network of vendors involved in the development, manufacture and transport of Carhartt WIP products. Vendors with which Carhartt WIP has a direct contractual relationship are expected to extend these standards to all sub-tier suppliers and to initiate practices to assure that aligned standards are adopted throughout the global supply network supporting Carhartt WIP.