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PRECIOUS: a skate film by Joaquim Bayle

PRECIOUS: a skate film by Joaquim Bayle - Carhartt WIP Malaysia


Directed by Paris-based filmmaker Joaquim Bayle, PRECIOUS builds on Carhartt WIP’s last full-length skate project INSIDE OUT, which was released in 2022.



With a running time of roughly 15 minutes, this instalment explores skateboarding in the United States, situating the Carhartt WIP skate team amidst the sprawling suburbs of Los Angeles and New York’s sleepless, frenetic streets.

The name of the project derives from the delicate yet grueling process of shooting tricks on film. “Now that I understand skateboarding a little more, I wanted to pay tribute to its subversive form, its poetic form,” says Bayle of the feature, describing a “precious feeling I had when I started skateboarding and which, as I have gotten older, I've tended to forget.” 

In encapsulating this, he employs a multisensory approach. Warm, gauzy footage is punctuated by shutter clicks, and black and white photography. Quiet moments of reflection are interrupted by the sound of wheels on concrete. Soft spoken word drifts in and out of a soundtrack of sludge metal and synthwave.

Renowned filmer Romain Batard returns, joined by Trevor Owens and Ryan Mettz, to document exceptional skate parts executed by riders such as Noah Mahieu, Eddie Cernicky, Max Palmer, Riley Pavey, Ibu Sanyang, Willow Voges Fernandes, and Cambryan Sedlick, amongst others.

PRECIOUS premieres globally on YouTube on 31st January, accompanied by a selection of exclusive products. Regional premiere dates and venues are listed below.

 PRECIOUS: a skate film by Joaquim Bayle - Carhartt WIP Malaysia



January 16th
Malmö: Bryggeriet Skatepark / Streetlab Malmö

January 18th
Cologne: Pivot Skateshop (7pm – 10pm)
Barcelona: Carhartt WIP Store El Born (7pm – 10pm)
Oslo: Session Skateshop (8pm – 10pm)
Rotterdam: Carhartt WIP Store Rotterdam (7pm – 9pm)
Southampton: Bored of Southsea Skate Store (7.30pm – late) 

January 19th 
Torino: Skateboarding’s Finest (7pm – 9pm)
Berlin: Safe Space by Steffen Grap (7pm – 9pm)

January 20th
Cirencester: Decimal. Skateshop (7pm – late) 

January 24th
Frankfurt: Bonkers Skateshop (8pm – 10pm)
Copenhagen: Side Walk Skateshop (TBC) 

January 25th
Amsterdam: Ben G Skateshop (7pm – 9pm)
Ghent: Curb skateshop (7pm – 9pm)
Hamburg: Carhartt WIP Store Hamburg (7.30pm – 9.30pm)
Milano: Carhartt WIP Store Milano Garibaldi (6.30pm – 9pm)
Bordeaux: Riot Skateshop, ZOOM Skatepark (8pm) 
Lyon: WallStreet Skateshop (7.30pm) 
Lille: Zeropolis, Bar Zebulon (9pm)

January 26th
Paris: Carhartt WIP Store Bastille (7pm – 10pm)
Leeds: Welcome Skate Store (7pm – late)
Vienna: Stil-Laden Store (7.30pm – 10pm) 
Madrid: Welcome Skateshop (7pm – 9pm) 
Helsinki: Beyond Store (8pm – 10pm) 
Athens: Color Skates (7pm – late)
Stockholm: Fryshuset (6pm)

January 27th
Roma: 7Hills Skate Shop (6pm – 9pm)
Zürich: The Collateral (6pm – 9pm)
Angers: Tôpette Skate Shop (TBC) 


January 17th
Melbourne: Carhartt WIP Store Little Bourke (6pm – late)

January 19th
Tokyo: Mortar (6pm – late)

January 26th
Seoul: Savour Skateshop (8pm – late)
Taipei: Carhartt WIP Store Taipei (6pm – late)


January 25th
Montreal: Lopez (5pm – 7pm. Premiere at 7pm) 
Calgary: Ninetimes Skateshop (8pm)
Austin: No Comply (7pm)
NYC: Carhartt WIP Store New York (TBC) 
LA: Carhartt WIP Space LA (7pm)

January 26th
Grand Rapids: Premier Store (7pm – 8.30pm) 
San Francisco: Deluxe Skateshop (6pm – 7pm. Premiere at 7pm)
San Diego: Rose Street Skateshop (6pm)


January 25th
Istanbul: Shopi Go x Wunder (7pm) 
Dubai: amongst few (6pm) 

January 27th
Jeddah: Urbn Lot (9pm – 11pm)
Riyadh: Urbn Lot (9pm – 11pm)

Written by Joaquim Bayle & Alexander Kelvy 
Director & Editor: Joaquim Bayle
Cinematographer: Angelo Marques 
Camera Operators: Romain Batard, Trevor Dare & Ryan Mettz  
Photographer: Joaquim Bayle 
Voiceover: Alexander Kelvy
Colorist: Arnaud Laurent
Mix: Sodasound
Music Supervisor: Ashleigh Macleen
Production company: Pral


Carhartt WIP


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